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24 October 2011 @ 10:52 am
Tobacco has never been an especially popular and used product among sportsmen in sports where it’s comes to perform and be on top in terms of health and strength. Tobacco is not good for anyone's health, whether they are athletes or not, but for those who have an addiction on nicotine, snuff, or snus as it is called in Sweden, can be a better option since snuff as no impact on the lungs.

Many believe snuff as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Swedish snuff is special and not so common outside of Sweden, but is guite similar to chewing tobacco. In ice hockey, there are a lot of snuff users, and especially in the Swedish and Finnish teames. Many order their snuff online when the travel around the world, on sajts like Snus Direct.

If you play other popular games, like games in casinos snuff can be more effective than smoking cigarettes.  If you sit at the poker table, it is difficult to find time to go out and smoke, but you can use snuff without having to take a break from playing the games at the table.
09 July 2010 @ 01:41 pm
The Taiwanese American entrepreneur Jerry Yang, the creator of Yahoo and he is also a poker player. He was born in the year 1968 in China. His net asset value is more than $2 billion approximately in 2008 and is positioned 524th among the wealthiest people in the world as per Forbes. At the age of 10 with his parents and brother he shifted to San Jose, California. When he was 2 years old his father expired. He has completed his degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

He also created a couple of more companies on with David Filo which is an internet website consisting of a directory of various websites called Jerry’s guide to the World Wide Web. This company was renamed as Yahoo! in the year 1995 which became very popular as well as Yang and Filo reaped the business potential up to the brim. They also took time for postponing their doctoral programs for a pretty long period.

This company commenced its operations as a web portal with an inclusion of a web directory for providing an extensive range of products as well as services for various online activities which is one of the leading internet brands and is equipped with the highest traffic in network on the internet. Jerry Yang married with Akiko Yamazaki who was brought up in Costa Rica. She also graduated from the same University where he has studied with a degree in industrial engineering. The couple had an opportunity to meet in that university for carrying out an overseas program in the year 1992.

He started playing free poker in the year 2005 after he matured from being an amateur he had an opportunity to play 2007 World Series of poker after clinching more than $200 satellite at various resorts as well as casinos in Temecula. Prior to these series of games he encountered four cashes in the eventual California. He has also been co-opted on the board of directors of various companies such as Cisco, Asian pacific fund, alibaba, as well as Yahoo Japan including the board of trustee position in Stanford University.

He has also had an opportunity to clinch more than eight million dollars for victorious purposes for enjoying these games as well as making a fortune in this process. He also faced many criticisms with clarity of purpose and has since then constructively improved himself from the points of view of his stupendous growth. He also had a distinction regarding statements as well as provision of Chinese security agencies with various IP addresses. He also ensured compliance of various local laws as well as abided by a 1989 decision by the United State congress for the purposes of prohibiting United States companies from marketing crime control as well as detection equipment or software to the governmental big wigs in China.

To conclude, Jerry Yang also faced much litigation when other people got arrested but he has been able to weather these storms very boldly and carefully for company’s success.
Every cricket fan would never want to miss the live match due to its thrill and excitement that it has got to offer. Fans are able to watch live cricket via television, the radio but this will not make you see the great action of the live cricket match. In order for you to experience the action you would have to watch the game on the field live and get the opportunity to see your favorite player in action. Watching live cricket would be the best source to experience real enthusiasm and excitement.

Well if you haven’t watched the real live cricket match and you are really a cricket fanatic then you have not got the idea on how the real match feels like. Of course one may not get the opportunity to go and watch the live match due to many reasons for example, the match is being held far away from your city or even country. Therefore this will certainly reduce your chances of having to catch the live action match but if you are very passionate about the game you would have to travel long distances just to watch the live cricket match.
The experience you get from watching the live cricket compared to catching the action on the radio or television is way too different. Cheering your favorite player in the field would be great thrill and excitement and this will make the game more exciting. As a cricket fan I bet once in your lifetime you have gone to watch a live cricket match and you would also agree with me that watching the cricket match brings so much thrill and experience.

One of the most exciting live cricket matches would be the world cup cricket tournaments and this is the very moment you will catch the action of several cricket players and also get to observe the up coming players. If you are able to book tickets for this tournament you will definitely be guaranteed to get the best action of the game. The world cup cricket tournaments are one of the main events that cricket fans would not want to miss.
It is also not bad to catch the action via television and much can be said about watching live cricket on television. You can also get to watch the match with your friends so as the game to be more exciting.
25 September 2009 @ 10:50 am
The official recognized law of soccer rules are the FIFA rules. These rules have been used in all soccer tournaments and they have become the norm of the professional soccer tournament rules. Just like every sport which has rules FIFA has made the rules for the basis of technicalities and decision making. These FIFA rules have served has a guideline to fair play and prevention of any cause of violence.

FIFA is an abbreviation for the Federation Internationale de Football Association. FIFA is the governing body responsible for creation of soccer rules and these rules are called laws of the game.  A revision of the rules is done yearly and at times the soccer clubs tend to modify these rules. For example clubs would adjust the field sizes, game lengths, numbers of substitution, number of players in a team and so forth.
Actually the FIFA booklet of rules has got 17 sections which are 70 pages long and consists of Question and Answers and these are essential for coaches when training players for the game.
July 1 of 2008 was the date when FIFA made the latest revision and this was held at the 122nd IFAB (Meeting of the International Football Association Board).

All teams, coaches and leagues should abide to these rules and they aim to promote discipline and sportsmanship amongst players.
These rules have made the game play to be fair and hence FIFA have come up with their slogan ‘FIFA fair play’. FIFA has made the game of football to be very interesting and also players have become well disciplined for example, one of FIFA’s fair play rules states that any player who does not abide to these rules should never play the game.
Heart of a Gambler, Mind of a Hustler, Soul of a Warrior, or Heart of the gambler, mind of Charlie, the soul of the Soldier!

What is needed to be gambler? You must first bring the heart of gambler, you should be in the blood, is seeking something special to be able to bet every dime of what they believe is the right move to make the table a winner in life.

You should not feel fear, fear of loss, you must believe that the pace, take a right and if not, you have to believe that it may be back again if you lose and that we can live with that decision . Sometimes have to pay with everything you have, knowing that chances are not on your side, but to have faith that it can win.

You should have a mind tricks, rascaldom always thinking how to make money, how to make money. You should have thought of the tricks, to create a system for making money and the mentality of tricks to know how to make money. According to some, this quality in your blood ... or have, or not.

Gambler heart, mind of tricks, and the soul of a soldier, these are things which need to be a gambler.

You need the soul of a warrior, a soldier who never transmitted and is fighting to end, regardless of how small the chances for survival. You must have passion when you play the game, regardless of what used to do it, no matter what game you play, you have to do it with passion.

Can you take everything you have to set a path that will bring so much money that will radically change life? I can!
01 September 2009 @ 10:37 am
One of the major assets in playing poker is the use of poker discipline. It is very bad when your discipline is poor. You must strategize to make poker discipline your number one priority. As a poker fans or player or somebody that is aspiring to be a professional poker player must have it at the back of his or her mind that there are very few circumstances in life that is as interesting as landing in great looking starting hand in Texas Holden. Dealing on a good starting hand, gets you on track immediately on the positive mind to go and win.

You must learn how to condo your excitement whenever on poker’s table. Player that are over excited are always fond of taking irrational decisions, thereby landing themselves in trouble. They deviate from being discipline and greed takes over their sense of rational judgments. Such decisions made without discipline can lead to great losses.

Discipline in poker playing connotes taking rational decisions and abiding by them. The tight player should decide the kind of hand he or she needs to play and abide by it. The most significant aspect is to know when your card is to be laid down. When the cards seems very tempting, make sure you do not deviate from your initial decisions.

Furthermore, you have to know that discipline is as still true and potent in the game of poker as it was in the past. Whether or not, your hand resembles that of a monster, it could still be defeated.

There are some dangerous starting hands that make many people to loose their senses and suddenly become indiscipline. These dangerous hands cost players more money. Some of them are Q-J, K-10, A-10 and A-9. If one of those is caught in the early position when starting the betting, they had to be folded because there will be many hands that can beat you.

Summarily, poker discipline is one of the toughest to master, however, it remains the number one key that differentiate the boys from the men and professionals from amateurs.
14 April 2009 @ 01:58 pm
Craps are offered in most of the casinos in two major versions: Classic and web. Classic version carps are powerful and look simple. Web versions are relatively reliable and trust worthy. Besides these two craps, there are other types of craps as well: Private, Money, Bank, New York, and Scarney. The choice of selecting the ideal online craps solely depends on the player. He can select any thing, which gives him money or fun. Craps are jittered and players should take special care while tackling them. Most of the online casinos, offer software which helps players in playing craps. Other websites, allow players to play craps over the online itself. For such conditions, player systems require software’s like Macromedia Flash and Shockwave.

Craps can be played by a single player or by multiple players. Most of the casinos leave the choice of online games play to the players and allow them to place huge bets depending on their choice. The software, which is used in craps play, looks simple and powerful. Most of the reputable crap games have interfaces which are user friendly. Their state of art graphics mesmerizes the players and sticks them to their seats for game play. Most of the casinos allow players to place heavy bets over the craps; however they limit the prize money.

People feel that crap rules and complex and difficult to understand. However, the fact is learning by doing is the only strategy of craps. The rules are easy to remember and do not take much time to role in to the mind. The crap rules are same every where and the choice of playing with different strategies is also same. The odd calculation plays and important role in online craps. Players, who act smartly and calculate the odds, have great chance of winning the games. There are different types of online craps and every casino goes in its own way to present the craps. Players should go into reliable casinos and play the online craps with utmost care. Casinos with better financial background and supreme security features are best choices to opt for.
09 September 2008 @ 10:10 am
Regardless of if you have been trained in a poker school or not, in a freerolls online poker tournament you should ensure that you do not have to pay any entry fee for achieving a space at the table.  You can also play games and be a winner and you will get open vistas for getting enrollments in various tournaments where the winners will have an opportunity to become a world’s biggest poker tournament and participate in the World Series which will have the effect of rewarding you with millions during the main events.

There are some betting games also involved where if you pay a certain sum of money you will have an opportunity to play for big stakes which will enable you to make a large sums of money and get bonanza as well as bonus payouts for your representations in various tournaments.

What exactly is a free roll?

Poker online game is one of the most famous card games. This game is nothing but totally based on expression of your words either in the form of language of deception and strategies or through bets. These online poker games offer the free roll games, which are open to all. A free roll is that situation in the hold’em where the player will get a chance to win whole pot once he or she is assured of half of it. This is because the player will be tied up with some other player. You just have to pay a minimum amount for it that’s all.

Where else can you enjoy playing games so much like in free roll poker sites?

The free roll sites of poker, which allow us to play poker online, are catching the attention of everyone.  Did you hear about PokerHost or PokerStars? These sites offer several online poker games are perfect sites for both novice players and well-experienced players. The sites will allow you to join any game you are interested in and thus you can enjoy your game. These sites offer a high quality support to their customers and provide you fun and entertainment. They offer you with championship games and if you participate in them, you could be one of the champions if you play well. So why don’t you give it a try?

So how well can you play poker games online?

Are you a lover of games? Then without giving a second thought just log in any of the free roll online poker game’s site and believe me you will get the best entertainment that you always longed for! Free roll poker tournament games are in total boom these days because of the quick spread of these sites. Where else can you get the chance to compete for the prize pool without any cash investment? You win and the prize is yours! This is the reason why both new as well as experienced players are becoming really interested to play them.
10 July 2008 @ 11:21 am
Lost it totally in a $200 tournament. Was playing at the casino (it's true, live poker) and some guy kept bugging me all the time and on top of that, stealing my blinds. I really lost it on him and had to leave the Casino! Not really sure how to feel about it but I think I'll stay away for a while.
08 July 2008 @ 01:29 pm
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